WONDER WOMAN #72 (1993)

This incredible image of Wonder Woman richly deserves a place alongside the greatest portrait covers in the history of comics. Bolland's version of Diana is the epitome of the mythical Amazon: stalwart, firm, stately and powerful, yet still beautiful and intensely alluring. The staging, drawing and rendering are each magnificent examples of why Bolland is one of the great cover artists of recent years. The figure is superbly sculpted against a stark white background, focusing all our attention on the interplay of details within the picture. The rendering--long Bolland's strong point--is especially precise here, every bit the equal of Reed Crandall or Russ Heath, and never detracts from the overall impact of the composition. It is a tour de force, and quite simply Brian Bolland's crowning achievement. (Apparently someone else agreed, since DC recently produced a lovely statue of the Amazon Warrior inspired by this very cover!)